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Maie 3 years ago
Yall need to chill with these racist comments. Too many girls in this damn world for yall to be worrying about pussy that some black guy destroyed. Move the fuck on
Nice 7 years ago
That was brilliant acting!
monte1975 5 years ago
That girl is fucking perfect
3 years ago
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He can cum in my pussy any day
Billy bob 5 years ago
The black girl is Yasmin De Leon
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Old Man Jankens 5 years ago
That camera quality is amazing.
Lindsey 5 years ago
I talk to my girlfriends alot and im in college already made it through my pledge stage and ive asked my sisters a few times about if they've slept with black guys only a few said yes a couple said they wanted two and out of the 6-7 that said yes only 1 of them said its was better than a white guy. And none of them said theyd ever date a black guy. As a young white girl myself I wouldn't do it.
She broke the audio 6 years ago
Her moan seems fake and slightly turned me off. Overall shes stunning.